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Gyandeep Public Sr. Sec. School is an english medium school for boys and girls. It is run by and managed by Gyandeep Public School Society. It was established in March 1998.

The aim of the institution is – To help the pupil in all round development of the personality, physical, mental and spiritual.


  • Once inside the compound, no student is allowed to go out of the school premises during the school hours. Late comers will not be permitted to attend the school.
  • No half-day leaves are allowed to the students.
  • Students are not allowed to wear valuable items or to keep with them any amount of money. School will not be responsible for the loss of jewellery or any other article by the students.
  • Students are required to put in at least 75 % attendance in the class, in case of absence of the students the parent/guardian must explain the cause in writing.
  • The students of the school are required to come to school in proper uniform, fully equipped with all necessary books, school diary, stationary etc.
  • Students are expected to follow the rules of the school to the letter.
  • The parent/guardian are not allowed to meet their children of the teaching staff without the permission of the principal during the school premises or visit class rooms.
  • Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. If a student is absent due to illness or any valid reason the principal should be informed about it immediately by a note from the guardian.
  • All are expected to attend the class on the opening day after each of the vacations. Those absent without prior leave will be fined.
  • A student returning to the school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease shall produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to re-join class.
  • Absence from school prior to a test and on Saturday that are marked as class-days will adversely affect the students grade in the test.


  • Promotions are granted on the basis of whole year’s work, hence the importance of regularity in work and performance in the examination is required.
  • Consistent neglection of any subject will not be allowed.
  • Those students who are absent from any of the terminal examinations will not be tested earlier or later.
  • In view of the examination system during the years average in determining examining eligibility for promotion, it will not be possible to reconsider the results declared nor to hold re-test.


Those who apply for transfer certificate after reopening of the school will be required to pay the current month’s fee whether the child has attended the school or not. No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.

The Principal will be available to meet the parents daily from -

9.00 AM to 10.00 AM Summer

10.00 AM to 11.00 AM Winter

and other time on prior appointment.


School bus service for transport is also available. In case of student requiring the school bus service for transport, a seat may be allotted, if it is available at the time of admission of the child. In case of non payment of bus charges by the 10th of January, April, July, September and November months, student will not be allowed to avail the transport facility.


The school fee is charged for complete 12 months in one academic year. No reduction is made for holidays or broken period. No amount of fee is refundable. Fee is payable in advance and it must be paid in five instalments. No student shall be allowed to appear in any exam without the clearance of all his/her dues before exams. Fee must be paid in cash in account office during school hours only and a cash receipt can be obtained then and there.